Pastor utilizing Shelby Financials

3 Accounting Benefits of Complete Church Management

Do you want to increase the productivity and organization of your church? Or simplify the operational aspects to free up more time for ministry? A complete church management system is designed to assist churches with structuring and managing all aspects of daily operations. Everything works together—member and donation management, church accounting, websites, and communication.  This means fewer logins and passwords to remember, […]

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Shelby Donor Management System

How a Donor Management System Can Revolutionize Your Ministry

Donor management systems come in many shapes and sizes, and while many serve small ministries well, some can go beyond the call of duty—becoming solutions for denominational headquarters, dioceses, and district offices to streamline and manage each of their offices. Doing so brings everything under one roof.  As you shop for a donor management system solution […]

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Complying with Rights to Erasure

This financial news is brought to you by the Alfred Johnson blog. The European Union, as well as other governing authorities, have laws that are designed to protect an individual’s personally identifiable information (PII). In Shelby Financials’ database, vendor, customer, volunteer, and employee records all contain personally identifiable information and in certain cases should be […]

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