Picture of a cell phone with mobile apps

Church Mobile App: Is It Right For Us?

When it comes to adopting new ministry methodologies and tools for your church, it’s crucial to ask “Is this right for us?”. This same question should be asked when deciding if a church mobile app is best for your ministry. This question in particular is timely given that 83% of the world’s population (and probably at least […]

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church planning

VBS and Beyond: How to Create Next Level Summer Church Events Through ChMS ​

You always put so much thought and planning into popular summer church events like Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Bible camps, but can your best summer productions be even better?   Absolutely! You can create next-level events this summer by thinking now about how to harness the power of Church Management Software (ChMS) and the features […]

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planning for Easter Services

Four Questions to Ask Yourself Now to Make Your Easter Services Better than Ever

You want your Easter services to be the best experience possible for your entire church community—your regular attendees, families who make a special effort to attend Easter services, guests who are visiting your church for the first time, and your ministry staff, front-office team, and loyal volunteers. Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it?   But […]

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