What is hosted software?

Hosted software means the software is hosted on off-premises servers. We also take care of installing and maintaining the program that you access through a web browser from anywhere with an internet connection.

What is the cloud?

The “cloud” is another name for “hosted”, “SaaS” (Software as a Service) or “web-based.” Storing and accessing data through the web is an easy way to think of it!

Can I access features with my mobile device or tablet?

Yes, you can! Shelby software is accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

What is the difference between browser-based and web-based software?

Browser-based means that the software is delivered using a web browser and the data can be stored on your local servers. Web-based means that the software is accessed through the internet and the data is stored in the a private cloud.

How secure is my data?

With the private cloud provided by Reviora, your data will be protected physically by enterprise class datacenters complete with biometric access, video cameras, multiple doors, security systems, and even physical security guards. Your data will be protected virtually by powerful firewalls, intrusion detection, physical security devices & virtual software, and the highest level of locked-down access available.

Online Giving

What is ShelbyNext Giving?

ShelbyNext Giving supplies the giving software and financial tools needed to help ministries and organizations thrive. Since 1976, Shelby has been a leader in providing software to churches, parishes, denominational headquarters, independent ministries and development organizations. There are 24,000 users who are currently supported all over the United States and in several foreign countries.

How do I use ShelbyNext Giving?

Your church or organization can easily create different funds or different projects, thus your donors have control over where their giving goes, and of course these can be accessed through all of our platforms at any time. One example of this is where a church sets up a relief fund for disaster or a summer camp/ retreat in addition to the main church fund. Or a nonprofit that manages several charities can set up funds for each one. Since our system is so flexible, how you use it is completely up to you. We have created a demo for you to have full access to the product and understand how it operates.

What types of payments can ShelbyNext Giving accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express Cards and Personal Checks (ACH/ e-checks).

Who handles my donations?

ShelbyNext Giving never has access to the giving dollars made through our system. All donations are securely processed and go directly from the donor’s account to your church or organization’s bank account.

Will I be charged additional fees for items like more funding categories or diff erent types of reports?

ShelbyNext Giving will never charge you for additional categories, personalizing your system, or the number of donors you have. We provide many data reports at no cost. If you do require diff erent types of reports or statistics, contact us to discuss pricing details. We build custom reports ourselves, and while we are happy to do anything we can to help you, occasionally these do require additional fees.

Will I be charged if the transaction fails for insufficient funds?

Since credit and debit card payments are real-time validation, the transaction would fail immediately and there would be no charge. ACH (e-check) requests, however, are not verified immediately. If an ACH request returns for insufficient funds, our ACH merchant account provider charges you $3.00. ShelbyNext Giving does not charge for non-sufficient funds.

What if someone disputes a transaction?

We take our security seriously and will do everything in our power to help you determine whether or not someone has made a fraudulent withdrawal. If the transaction is found to be illegitimate, we can immediately suspend the account and will launch an investigation of our anti-fraud procedures. You will also be able to issue a credit back to the owner of the account, which is easily done through the administrative section of our payment gateway.ShelbyNext Giving’s portal is able to accept all forms of electronic payment. We can also limit this to just debit or check cards and e-checks (ACH) depending on your organizational needs.There is less appeal for criminals to commit fraud through donation systems because there are no products for sale. Thus, the greatest fraud threat is typically a low-value transaction from criminals to validate credit cards. If the transaction goes through, then they will take the card elsewhere to purchase products or services. Because this is not using information from our system, this type of fraud will not affect your members. However, it can affect your organization through the transaction fees and time spent crediting and voiding these requests. ShelbyNext Giving has a process to help limit fraudulent transactions. Our payment gateway uses a service called MaxMind. MaxMind prevents activities from IP addresses that are blacklisted or coming from Russia. We are also working on limiting access to only IP’s in the US and Canada, and disabling Anonymous Proxy users.

We will likely have to enter the EFT giving into our financial software much like our check and cash donations. Is it possible to download ShelbyNext Giving data into a compatible file format for our own financial software?

Absolutely! All of your data from ShelbyNext Giving can be downloaded into a .CSV file, which is compatible with most financial software packages. If you are having trouble importing the file into your software, we suggest you contact support for the specific software package you are using.

We would like to try ShelbyNext Giving with a few people within our organization to begin with, so that we have some in-house experts before launching it to the rest of the organization. Is this possible?

Yes! You are definitely able to do that. We do everything we can to get you set up quickly.

What types of payments can ShelbyNext Giving accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express Cards and Personal Checks (ACH/ e-checks).

Does ShelbyNext Giving work with other types of transactions besides donations and giving?

You have total control over which categories are set up within your administrative portal on ShelbyNext Giving. You can accept payments for any type of transaction by seƫ ng up specific funds, such as retreat registration, building funds or registering for classes.

Can we allow donors to set up recurring donations?

Yes, and it is easy to set up a recurring donation through our online portal. Donors have complete control over the donation amount, frequency and date withdrawals are made from their accounts. They can even set up multiple recurring donations that are deposited into separate church funds.

How long does it take to set up ShelbyNext Giving?

We can get you set up very quickly! Your Merchant Account application usually takes 3-4 business days to be approved. Once that has occurred, you should be able to start accepting donations within 24 hours.

Are virtual terminals available with ShelbyNext Giving?

ShelbyNext Giving offers secure virtual terminal and batch upload options, enabling merchants to process card or ACH transactions manually. These features are accessed through an online merchant interface. Transactions are immediately submitted for authorization and processing each day.

How secure is my account information?

We are fully committed to providing you with the most secure environment for your sensitive data. The only payment data that is stored in our system is for recurring payments. Any other card information is deleted immediately after the transaction is processed. Thus a relatively small percentage of donors’ information is stored, and all sensitive data (for both single transactions and recurring gifts) is secured using a 256-bit transaction encryption process. In addition, card companies (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) and Merchant account providers are held to the highest security standards, giving you an extra layer of protection.

Church Accounting

On which platform does it run?

Shelby Financials is available hosted or installed. The hosted browser-based (cloud) system works on any internet browser. The installed version works with Windows Server 2003 (SP2) or higher and SQL Server 2005 Express (SP3) or higher. Workstations should be Windows 7 Professional or higher.

How in-depth is the training?

Shelby Financials is intuitive to use. Ongoing professional training services are available for all levels of users and administrators. Additionally, we have an extensive collection of online videos and documentation to assist with your training needs.

What is the reporting like?

Users can create their own reports using the simple, yet extensive, Selections & Listing area. There are numerous existing reports along with sorting and filtering options. Custom reports can be created and pushed to User Dashboards for ease and speed.