ShelbyHQ provides a complete accounting
and management solution

What to expect from ShelbyHQ

ShelbyHQ is an advanced accounting system explicitly designed for denominational headquarter offices. On top of standard accounting features like Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Bank Account Management, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Purchasing Management, and Payroll—you access robust applications tailored to govern your finances.

Loan Processing

Provide church plants, ministries, and others with loans. Over time, adjust payments on these loans based on growth and determining factors.

Insurance Billing

If your headquarters oversees insurance for areas such as property, auto, medical, and dental, you can seamlessly manage those within ShelbyHQ.

Pension Billing

Securely make and accept cash contributions or withhold money for the pensions you manage.


Assign out types of payment to be received from churches in your conference, track pledges and receipts, configure apportionments, and other functions.

Deposits on Hand

Access "banking-type" capability for managing savings accounts, unlimited savings accounts and time deposits, complete transactions management, and more.

Donors and Gifts

Donors and Gifts

A complete, customizable solution for dioceses, district offices, and para-church organizations to manage and track their donors and their giving.


Host ShelbyHQ on your server, or we'll host it for you. Whatever you decide, our solution is cloud-based and can be managed remotely or from your office.


Rest assured, your data is secure by setting permissions and approving who sees and manages specific information.

One-on-One Training

We provide personalized training to ensure you know exactly how to use and make the most of ShelbyHQ.

Case Study

WNC Church

See How the Western NC Conference of the UMC Switched to ShelbyHQ and Increased Efficiency by 50%

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Get the functionality and flexibility that make the most sense for your unique organization.

Put more money back in your HQ

Most standard HQ programs are overpriced because they’re created for businesses, not denominations or nonprofits. Our features are already tailored for church headquarters, so you get and pay for what you need.

Keep daily tasks on track

ShelbyHQ programs are designed around the way your denomination prefers to work. In turn, you save time and energy in your day reducing unnecessary burden that other systems can cause.

Accounting system built for you

Our training consultants understand how denominational headquarters operate. We’ll help you customize ShelbyHQ to ensure you get the built-out features that work best for your church or nonprofit headquarters.

Donors and Gifts

Robust Donors and Gifts Application

Accept tithes and gifts online, manage gifts and pledges, track sub-donor accounts for dioceses, district offices, and para-church organizations, sponsor missionaries with full reporting, and much more.

Want a solution designed to work with
ShelbyHQ for streamlined management
and communication?

In addition to ShelbyHQ, ShelbyArena is a powerful enterprise-class, cloud-based management and communication solution that effortlessly syncs data from your HQ accounting software. Because ShelbyHQ and ShelbyArena are hardcoded to work together, bouncing between the two systems is seamless and intuitive.


Organize records with the information specified by you. Order and manage background checks, merge members, manage lists, run reports, view history, and more.


You can export data on Excel, send segmented or mass text messages and emails, create a Word mail merge from templates or combine them.

Tags and Fields

Use tags to group records, run reports, create sub-districts, and much more. Easily add fields to better customization and sort data to your specific needs.


Organize mission trips and travel by uploading documents and listing specific instructions such as flight times, bus schedules, and other criteria.


Manage assignments and action items to keep everyone on the same page and moving forward on projects and tasks.


Because each headquarters runs a unique organization, we’ll help you customize the software to your specifications.

Onging Support

Beyond the initial set up, our team will continue to provide outstanding support for whatever questions may arise.

Ready to See How Shelby HQ Can Help Your Organization?

Adopting a new accounting system and record solution for your denominational headquarters isn’t something you take lightly. We don’t either. That’s why we’d love to present ShelbyHQ to you or your leadership team and provide a quote so that you can see our difference firsthand.

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