All the features you've come to expect from accounting software, plus the features you need as a church


Take the recurring hassle out of payroll for your church.

The Payroll application manages all aspects of your payroll. It provides gross wage computation, calculates all necessary taxes, withholds voluntary deductions, prints a payroll check for the employee, and provides necessary totals for monthly, quarterly and annual government and management reporting, including e-File reporting.

Settings to designate clergy and lay staff is as simple as a single check mark on a person’s record. The program prints Form 941 and Form W-2 to ease reporting requirements. Federal, state and local tax settings are fully supported and kept current.

payroll screen

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Our rock-solid financials meet and follow non-profit Net Asset accounting standards.

The Accounts Payable application provides the ability to pay bills, manage credits from and payments to vendors, and attach invoices and other documentation. Users operate on a cash, accrual, or modified accrual basis. Module interfaces with Bank Reconciliation, Purchase Order, and General Ledger.

Accounts Receivable accurately tracks payments you receive for varied sources such as church daycare and school tuitions. It also tracks billing activity for church headquarters collection of insurance, pension, and apportionments.

Purchasing Management

Designed to the specific needs of churches.

Purchasing Management brings your ministry’s acquisition process to the web. From entering purchase orders to identifying your unique approval process, Shelby provides all the tools needed to ensure your purchasing workflow runs smoothly.

The Purchase Order module allows supervisors to establish and enforce an “approval process” starting with a requisition and ending with an approved purchase order. The Desktop Dashboard alerts users when a requisition is awaiting approval, and an automated e-mail notification system notifies managers when they need to approve requisitions. The module can automatically e-mail a purchase order to the vendor upon approval, if desired.

purchasing management screen
financial reporting screen

Financial Reporting

Everything you would expect from GAAP compliant accounting software but better.

The system provides general ledger monthly standard reports along with an easy to use custom presentations report builder. The major GL reports also provide drill-down functionality back to a single application entry.

Each application has its own set of reports allowing auditors to reconcile each sub-ledger to the GL while giving users the ability to view all historical sub-ledger transactions. All reports are downloadable in several formats.

The Industry Standard in Church Accounting for Over 40 Years...

After 40 years of serving churches with software and solutions that change the way you do ministry, we're just getting started. We're a name you can trust to provide you the latest in cutting-edge technology solutions to engage and empower your congregation.

Guiding fiscal responsibility through you.

Fulfills your financial requirements for governing boards, financial committees, internal staff, and outside agencies.

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Bank Account Management

A simple way to balance your checking accounts and support popular file download formats available from most banks. Bank Account Management keeps a historical record of all reconciled bank statements. The application also allows users to record deposits, even while balancing a statement.

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General Ledger

The General Ledger not only contains details of all posted journal entries, but also provides a full set of standard reports, tools for creating custom reports, and easy access to view posted journals with drill down capability. Manually entered journal entries also update account management applications for true account reconciliation. Budgeting tools are also located in this application.

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Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets application allows users to catalog fixed assets, conduct periodic inventory of tags and create depreciation entries which update the General Ledger. Along with multiple canned reports, the application also includes a completely new Selections and Listings report builder which supports multiple reports and/or statements, making designing your own report very easy.

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Expense Amortization

Shelby’s bookkeeping tools can amortize prepaid expenses over a period of time, rather than having the expenses update your general ledger as a lump sum at the time of payment. Using this program allows you to more accurately indicate when expenses are actually incurred.

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GAAP Compliant

Fulfills your financial requirements for governing boards, financial committees, internal staff, and outside agencies. Your auditors will find it easy to complete their tasks because it is GAAP compliant.

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Easy to Migrate

You’ll have access to step-by-step Data Migration Tutorials, In-App Help and Tutorials, 40+ Essential Learning Videos, and email, phone, and chat support.

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