“When other churches ask what software we use I always point them to Shelby. We have the best relationship due to their special care for their users. They continue to strive to improve and enhance their software every day. They are quick to hear the needs of the church and provide a solution. Their support line is extremely easy and fast, too. Not only is Shelby a good software product, but I find it is flexible to meet the needs of small and large churches regardless of the denomination. If you want progressive church software Shelby is the best.”

– Janie San Antonio, TX

“I’ve worked with many PR programs and I think Shelby is one of the best. We are small but I still love how easy it is to use. I say go for it. It will pay for itself in just a few months.”

– Sue Nichols Parish Manager St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church

“Shelby Payroll is a great program. We used ADP for several years, but pulled it in-house in 1995 and are SO glad we did. Periodically, my boss will ask if we should consider outsourcing – but so far, I see no reason why we should. Doing it ourselves may cost us a bit more time for the reporting side of things, but we save way more money in ADP fees than we spend on the salary for our employees to do it for us. I would also recommend the third party product, TimeClock Plus. It interfaces with Shelby and eliminates manual entry of hours. Shelby Systems actually uses this for their payroll processing.”

– Cindy Rose Finance/Accounting Manager Christian Life Center

“We have about 55 employees and do payroll every other week. Piece of cake, including the tax forms, & Shelby’s Support is amazingly up-to-date on this stuff! The ministers “quirks” are handled very easily & the data input is about as simple as it gets. We are blessed not to have the nasty stuff- garnishments, out-of-state people, etc., but Shelby has a place for those things, too. It’s all in how it’s set up. Once the setup is done, the thing just about runs itself! I don’t think I could ever be convinced to outsource.”

– Lori Manning Zoar Baptist Church

“In order to figure out how to create the profile security level in GlobaFile, I went to the Knowledge Base on The Shelby Community (excellent resource)! I know I’m not the only Shelby fan, but I might just be the biggest!”

– Lori Manning Zoar Baptist Church

“I use Shelby in as many ways as possible. The relational database is an enormous time-saver. I don’t have to worry about remembering to make address changes, I just make a change in a record one place and it’s available for any purpose, from calling a donor to mailing a check to a vendor. And with the profiling, I can target my mailings for the purpose needed to special donors, general donors, board members. It helps me work more efficiently.”

– Leslie Hamilton, OH

“I have told so many people that Shelby is the finest product they will use. It’s not the cheapest, and it is not the most expensive. What you will get is a solid program, with solid support backing these programs. Shelby keeps up their end of the relationship by making our programs run faster so we can get more work done. You’ll get more than your money’s worth, you will get your life back!”

– Lois Springfield, MO

“I would not attempt to work in the finance office without Shelby. Reports for committees and the auditors can be made as simple or complex as needed. And the software works with some great time-savers. It no longer takes all day to run payroll; TimeClock gets the job done in 5 minutes. Contributions are entered quickly and accurately with CrossCheck. And if I want to talk to a technician, it’s a free call away. Further, the Shelby programmers are topnotch in listening to my ideas. I have tried other church software in the last 15 years and nothing beats Shelby!”

– Lee Ann Houston, TX

“The implementation of Shelby Systems has dramatically increased our efficiency as an organization. We can now do a greater volume of work in a decreased amount of time. We highly recommend it.”

– Christy Yorba Linda, CA

“I am convinced that Shelby is the best church management system out there. It has always been able to meet our needs.”

– Eva Anderson Human Resources Director Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church

“For first time guests, I post a “Date of first visit” in Shelby in the Prospect module. This really helps to pull up 1) the first time guests for that particular week and 2) a cumulative list of first time guests for any time frame you choose (for example: monthly, quarterly, or yearly).”

– Betsy Young Membership/Database Cypress United Methodist Church

“Most (all?) of our struggles have been taken care of with the rapid pace of feature enhancements since 2007. For those features that Arena will not implement, we are free to handle on our own thanks to their Developer API. That’s probably the best thing about Arena – we can add functionality within the same interface and our end-users won’t know the difference between Arena’s standard features and our custom features.”

– Jeremy Hoff Director of Information Systems Shepherd of the Hills

“I find it easier to navigate than most other financial software. The biggest savings from Shelby’s Financials has been TimeClock Plus and the Shelby Teller scanner, as well as showing the other ministries how to use the Purchase Order module. It has saved my assistant a lot of entry.”

– Sylvia Manley

“There are only 3 of us that even look at finances in my church. Our controller will enter payroll journal entries, we have a part time bookkeeper who works mostly with tuitions for our schools and camps, etc., and then there is me, the Financial Secretary. I can always find what I am looking for and find the system very easy to use. I have been in the financial arena for over 40 years and have worked for different businesses with different financial programs and Shelby is one of the best, in my opinion. We have all of our tuitions, events, programs, etc. invoiced into the system and we can track payments of various kinds, whether they are donations, stock gifts, and tuitions, payments for products, our bookstore or coffee shop. I have four companies that I deal with and various funds and departments in each one. I think one of the best features is that I can look back since I started working here in 1997 and see every entry made and every contribution made… at the click of my mouse!”

– Elena Derbique

“We use Shelby ACH for both payments and contributions. It does work well. In addition to saving postage, it is a much safer way to pay vendors as it lowers risk of check fraud with fewer physical checks being sent out. We currently pay certain vendors this way and hope to add more as well as our missionaries. For contributions, it is also very simple and a great auto-giving tool.”

– Laurel Fortin – Controller First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue, Bellevue, WA

“It is so easy to find a journal or a deposit and Bank Reconciliation works like a charm. Usually whatever a minister or board needs.I can produce relatively quickly.”

– Elena Derbique

“When we are in a pledge campaign, it is very easy to get statistics as far back as when we started with Shelby, about 1997. It is also important when we follow a family from their first gift as a prospect to see how they progress money-wise, etc. so that we can tell when they are getting close to joining. The financial piece is a great indicator for this.”

– Elena Derbique

“On a monthly basis, I have to generate budget reports for each manager. The special Report feature allows me to set up the report detail and print the financial report and detail General Ledger activity without having to manually generate the reports one at a time.”

– Dana Shankle

“Generally, I work on the financials in some way, whether preparing journal entries, working on spreadsheets, or reconciling the bank accounts. Among the many useful features in the General Ledger module, I really use ShelbyQuery a lot. It is really nice to be able to download data directly into Excel and then work with it. Also, the ability to save reports as PDFs is very helpful… I can’t imagine trying to do this job without Shelby Financials. I really appreciate that it was designed for churches and not-for-profits. Since I work in the Accounting Department of a large church, I would have no ministry without Shelby Financials. Shelby enables us to provide necessary financial information to all other departments, the pastors, the deacons, and the whole congregation at times. We can help departments track their spending vs. budget and help the congregation understand the financial results of the past year.”

– Kelley Brown

“One of the biggest time savers in Arena is that it is integrated with the website. We are really starting to see the power in letting people sign up for an event online where everything is available to us and can be followed up on.ments track their spending vs. budget and help the congregation understand the financial results of the past year.”

– Ed Stone

“We chose Arena because of the ability to customize it, as well as the ability to do our reporting the way we want to do it.”

– Ed Stone

“We love our Canon CR-55 and love Shelby Teller! Our bank wasn’t able to accept the files directly, so we go through Profit Stars, who then sends the deposits to the bank. It’s seamless and works wonderfully!”

– Michelle Community of Grace Lutheran, Peoria, AZ