Millennial Giving

March 5, 2018

In this year’s Giving USA Special Report on Giving to Religion, you can find some interesting bits of information on the current state of religious giving. Once again, we find that “religiously affiliated people more likely to donate, whether to place of worship or other charitable organizations…” So while church attendance is decreasing, the rate…


February 5, 2018

A new report on giving provides more evidence that churches need to be taking donations online.   Here’s the good news. This year’s Annual Report on Philanthropy from Giving USA shows that “religiously affiliated people are more likely to donate, whether to places of worship or other charitable organizations.”  Even as church attendance is decreasing,…


January 22, 2018

Some church leaders believe that young people don’t give. Is this true? Do millennials not give? Are millennials selfish individuals who don’t care about anything else other than themselves? Let’s examine some research to find out. Millennials are caused-based in their giving In a survey conducted by the Barna Group and Compassion International, 47% of…


January 15, 2018

As more and more church-goers use debit and credit cards as their primary payment methods, churches are scrambling to offer new ways to give. Here are three methods that can help your card-wielding members support your church:   Let Them Give Online Set up an online giving page. Having an online option for offerings will…


January 8, 2018

What motivates you may not motivate others. As you teach people to give, it helps to understand their reasons. Some give because of relationship. People will give money to an organization because they have a relationship with the people there. Some give because of vision. A compelling vision inspires people to give (Proverbs 29:18, KJV)….