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How to Make the Most Out of Your Year-End Giving Campaign 

The spirit of generosity is usually at its highest as the year comes to a close. Nearly 1/3 of annual giving occurs in December, with 13% of giving happening in the last three days of the year. With giving in the hearts of most people, it’s an opportune time to establish your year-end giving campaign.  

We’ll discuss what it is and how you can make the most out of your appeal, particularly through your annual report. 

What is a Year-End Giving Campaign? 

As a church leader or finance team member, you already understand the importance of giving campaigns and how they can inspire generosity. A church’s year-end giving campaign is a particular effort to raise more funds before the new year. Because people are feeling generous and many want to have higher tax deductions, they consider donating at the end of the year. A fund campaign can help inspire generosity and increase giving for your church.  

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How to Have a Successful End of Year Giving Campaign 

Reach Out to Volunteers 

Volunteers are some of the top contributors to churches and nonprofits. That’s probably because they are already enthusiastic about the work and impact that is happening. In fact, 79% of a nonprofit’s volunteers also donate to that organization.  

Involve your volunteers in your year-end giving. Reach out to them personally and let them know how their giving can make an even greater impact. Because they share your church’s vision, they are also likely to want to donate to your cause. 

Make an Appeal 

Your campaign won’t be very successful if you don’t share it. If people aren’t aware of the opportunity, they’ll be less likely to give. So, don’t be afraid to make the ask.  

Share your giving link on social media, send an email inviting them to donate, or make an announcement during your weekend services. Tell them what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. 

Share the Goals 

Accelerate generosity by sharing the vision. Don’t simply ask people for money. Nobody likes that. But when you inspire people with the mission of what their financial gifts could do, they’ll want to participate.  

Consider creating various funds for certain projects or ministry your church has planned for the coming year. Letting your congregation know how their gifts can make a difference will curb any doubt they may be having.  

Reflect on the Good 

What did your church do in the last year that impacted other’s lives? Along with casting vision, look back at all the good that happened through your church and people.  

Include stories or testimonies from people who were blessed. Do an interview with a volunteer who was excited to serve. Share how somebody who gave last year was inspired by what happened through their donation.  

Send an Annual Report 

Your annual report can help update your congregation about the progress of your church’s vision. You get to emphasize the mission and impact that your organization is having on the community. It’s a comprehensive way to show how donated funds are being used. It’s also a great opportunity to thank donors. Build greater trust with churchgoers by showing transparency with your church’s operations and finances. Below are some highlights to include in your annual report. 

  • Thank Donors – Make donors feel appreciated. When people feel appreciated and understand how their gifts are making an impact, they may feel inclined to give again before the year is over.  
  • Include Visuals – If you want people to get a better understanding of your annual report, be sure to include visuals, like graphs, charts, photos, and financial reports. 
  • Share Accomplishments – What did your church do in the past year? Share the successes and how people’s gifts were a part of that. 
  • Give a Progress Update – Provide a progress bar or visual with how much has been raised and how much more you need. People may be inspired to donate to that cause if they understand that there is still a need. 
  • Use Testimonials – Sometimes people are encouraged by real-life stories, and then they will be more likely to participate in a year-end giving appeal. 
  • Communicate the Vision – Inspire people to be a part of what’s coming by giving insight into the ministry that will happen in the future. Share the plans and ask people to join in what God is doing through your church. 

Integrated ChMS Can Help Your Giving Campaign 

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