Easter is not just a typical Sunday. Churches tell a different story than the one that is told by the world. This might seem obvious, but churches need to communicate differently on Easter. For many families, Easter and Christmas are the two Sundays of the year when they find themselves inside your church building. So […]

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Marvelous Light

ELLIE HOLCOMB Uses God’s ‘Marvelous Light’ to Escape Internal Darkness

Ellie Holcomb will be leading us in praise and worship at this year’s International Shelby Conference in Memphis, TN. Here’s the story behind her hit song “Marvelous Light.” The single is drawn from a character in “The Wingfeather Saga.” The character is always trying to hide his past from people he loves. “There’s a scene […]

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Video Encourage

Using Video to Encourage Worship

Today, we’re going to take a look at using video specifically in ministry to encourage, connect, and inspire your congregation as well as assist your worship team in learning their music. Video is perhaps one of the very best tools to share new music and inspire people in and beyond your church. So many of […]

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