Marvelous Light

Ellie Holcomb will be leading us in praise and worship at this year’s International Shelby Conference in Memphis, TN. Here’s the story behind her hit song “Marvelous Light.”

The single is drawn from a character in “The Wingfeather Saga.” The character is always trying to hide his past from people he loves.

“There’s a scene in the second book where all of his secrets and all of these things he’s ashamed of are exposed in front of his family who he loves and other people as well. I remember reading it and my shoulders tensed up and my neck was tight,” she said, “He wrote that he moved about his days with wonder and peace, because he found that his whole story had been told for the first time and he was still loved.”

“Hello, my name is Ellie Holcomb, and I am a recovering perfectionist. I spent most of my life thinking that following Jesus was me being good enough. I looked perfect on the outside and was falling to pieces on the inside.”

“I was a believer who had no freedom, and not a lot of peace. All of a sudden, I came out of hiding and into the light of who Jesus is and what He did for me. I found a place of acceptance in the middle of my brokenness.”

The scripture verse Holcomb relates to the song the most is 1 Peter 2:9 which is about God calling His people out of darkness and into the light to serve Him.


Worship with Ellie Holcomb on Thursday morning (June 7) at ISC 2018 in Memphis.

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