Picture of a thanksgiving meal on a table.

Thanksgiving Ideas For Your Church

3 min read The end of November brings a holiday celebrated by many across the country. No matter what religion, race, or demographic, people come together to celebrate friends, family, and all that they are grateful for. This is also a great time to incorporate creative thanksgiving ideas for your church to impact your community.  […]

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What is Thanksgiving?

This week many Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving. Sadly we are losing our focus on the original reason for Thanksgiving as the spiritual state of America continues to decline. Many people in America, or even across the world, may ask, “What is Thanksgiving?” This is an important question and it is even more important to acquire […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

As we all know, the first Thanksgiving took place when the New England settlers came together to celebrate friendships, food, and their new lives in America. On this Thanksgiving, all of us at Shelby wish each of you a safe, happy, and restful holiday. We hope that you all have a wonderful day and remember […]

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