Church worship planning

We’re all eager to get back to our regularly scheduled programming, but things have certainly changed since the last time we were planning church services. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the new COVID-19 precautions, managing your church, and trying to plan your worship – you are not alone! Thankfully, Shelby Systems offers WorshipPlanning, a service and worship planning software included at no additional cost with their ShelbyNext Membership church management software. With WorshipPlanning and ShelbyNext Membership seamlessly integrated together, it’s easier than ever to adapt your service teams and worship flow as needed to welcome your congregation with ease. Here are just a few of the many WorshipPlanning features that will propel your service to the next level!

1. Creating a Flow

Organization is key to any successful presentation and regardless of which end of the preparedness spectrum you fall on, our WorshipPlanning solution will help you organize your service like never before. Drag and drop details that are critical to your service so you can see it all mapped out in advance and make changes as you go. Input details like worship song selections, pre-service elements, and notes using the WorshipFlow Editor which you can easily edit and permit others to access for convenience! Just like putting a puzzle together, make sure all the pieces fit before you present the final outcome so you can provide the best experience possible for your congregation and keep things fresh week-after-week.

2. Scheduling & Communicating

Just as important as planning out the actual service is making sure you stay organized around the service. Don’t resort to old clunky systems of trying to keep track of all the moving parts. Instead, keep it all neat and tidy and accessible to your team with the WorshipPlanning volunteer scheduling tool. Easily schedule and keep track of the people serving your ministry when you use the drag and drop fields to schedule an individual or build a template for an entire team! Volunteers can choose to “accept” or “decline” the invitation to serve which will allow you to plan accordingly and adjust as scheduling changes arise. Individuals and teams can even sign themselves up for events, taking the task out of your hands entirely! All of these assignments seamlessly sync to ShelbyNext Church management software. Plus, you have full control of these features right from your smartphone.

3. Organizing Music and Digital Chord Charts

We thought of the fun stuff too! Find the perfect tunes and include information like key, tempo, capo, and lyrics as you organize them. Easily import songs from your CCLI SongSelect™ account or a CSV file and quickly add songs when you’re building those flows we talked about earlier! The OnSong virtual sheet music app can even transpose, annotate, rehearse, and perform music after you import your songs! Get yourself some handy wireless foot pedals and OnSong will integrate with AirTune so you can flip through your virtual pages. The possibilities are endless and it’s all designed to work seamlessly so you can worry less about the nitty gritty details and focus on the joyful elements of planning a worship!

4. Presenting

When you have multiple elements of a presentation, there’s no denying it can get a little challenging to stay organized in the moment – especially when you have other people involved. Now that you’ve saved so much time actually planning the worship, you have plenty of time to prepare and get your team in sync! Turn your worship flow into a visual demonstration that maps out the service you planned with your team members. Everything is built in and integrated with Proclaim or you can store another program’s slides in the library for presentations accessible to you and your team. Practice makes perfect and communication is key, so once you have all the pieces mapped out share the plan with your team and keep the flow fresh in everyone’s mind, including your own!

With WorshipPlanning’s powerful features, you’re well on your way to saving time and effortlessly adapting to whatever service changes come about in this season of transition. 

See for yourself the benefits of WorshipPlanning paired with ShelbyNext Membership. Remember, it’s included at no extra cost. 

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