Video Encourage

Today, we’re going to take a look at using video specifically in ministry to encourage, connect, and inspire your congregation as well as assist your worship team in learning their music. Video is perhaps one of the very best tools to share new music and inspire people in and beyond your church. So many of us regularly watch and listen to YouTube playlists as another option for entertainment.

YouTube is also a great help to worship leaders (free ebook on using YouTube in ministry).



  • C4 Churchin Canada has taken worship ministry a step further by writing their own worship songs and producing their own videos to teach and share this music with their congregation.
  • C4’s worship leader, Chris Vacher,recently wrote an article for CTT on the most beneficial apps for worship leaders, then shared this great new video with us.

Overall, I believe a production like this has lots of staying power, from showing people what your church is like to those who might see the video but not attend, to teaching people new songs. Whether you have a larger budget for video production like C4 Church, or a smaller budget, video can be used to teach new music and encourage worship participation. Lastly, the video can be used in many different ways via social media to enhance your church’s online presence and increase your church’s reach.

Source: Church Tech Today