As you begin the new year, here are seven things to add to your resolutions to put your organization in a better place as you roll into the new year. 

  1. Invest in Your Education 
    See all the classes and webinars below in the Education Corner that can Advance Your Knowledge and give you great tips and tricks.

    Take a look at our training webpage here
  1. Engage Your Community 
    The church is a community of faith, and that community is powered by volunteers committed to serve the body of Christ. Here are a couple of articles about volunteers.

    Proven Strategies to Mobilize Volunteers  
    Ways to Simplify Volunteer Management  
  1. Improve Communications 
    Are you keeping up with your members to make sure they are engaged, involved, and feeling a part of your community? Learn how to use the Interactions feature to keep connected with those in your congregation who might slip out the back door. 

    How to Close the Back Door in the New Year with Interactions 
  1. Thank your donors (statements) 
    Yes, it is important to provide donors with a record of their donations and required for those who gave over $250 in a single gift. Even more important, is thanking EVERY giver for their support. Click below for excellent help designing your statement and assessing whether your message is clear, impactful, and encouraging. 

    Giving Statement Success  
  1. Work Smarter 
    If you are not using Forms to connect with your members, then you are missing a key tool to gather information, sign up for events, and collect online offerings. This tool offers multiple ways to maximize the attractive, powerful, and easy to design forms.

    How To Manage Forms  
  1. Review your Safety Standards 
    Doing your part to keep your members and their families safe is vital. Protect My Ministry offers great tools to stay vigilant when signing up volunteers and keeping your children and other members secure. See more about background checks and other tools offered by Protect My Ministry. 

    Protect My Ministry
  1. Is Your Website Up-To-Date 
    Your website is the new equivalent of the old church sign in the front of the building advertising the type of ministry that goes on inside. If you are not maintaining your website, you are missing a helpful link to connect to visitors, encourage members, and get the word out to the world about the ministry happening in your part of the body of Christ. 

    Achieving “Next Level” Status with Your Church Website to Kick Off the New Year  
    What’s Hot in Church Website Design?