As you prepare to finish the old year and begin the new, there are several things to remember beyond resolutions and putting away the Christmas decorations. This is the time to close the books, send out giving statements, and turn in forms to the IRS. Since this happens only once each year, you might need a few reminders or helpful hints as to what needs to be done and how. We are here to help with our training and support teams, but we also want to give you some additional resources that you can use to get all the necessary information you need. 

Year-End Resources Online Help 

Our team has consolidated several resources (including articles, videos, and documentation) that we think will be helpful as you prepare for Year-End. If you are processing W2s, 1099s, contribution statements, creating another financial year, entering budgets, and so forth, please take a moment and review. 

Year-End Resources Online Help 

Shelby Community 

The Community is your main source for self-help information and an avenue to communicate with other Shelby users to help you and your staff to be more efficient in your ministry. 

Shelby Community 

Shelby Training 

Training is integral to success with our products. Prefer one-on-one assistance with a trainer? We have several paid options available. In Application Help Documents is available in all our platforms. You will find a question mark icon in the upper right corner of the screen where you can find a searchable index of step-by-step how-to articles. 

Training Options 

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Year-End Procedures Virtual Workshop 

A two-hour detailed look at several of the crucial procedures necessary for closing out the old year and the reports required to donors and to the IRS.  
A few more still left in January 
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Email Support 

To ask a quick question or get detailed instructions on a particular task, shoot us an email and you’ll receive a response within 48 hours. 

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Live Online Support/Chat 

Chat live with a Support Representative and quickly obtain the answers you need. 

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As always, our team is just a phone call away if you need us. We will work hard to serve you well and keep the wait to a minimum. 

Support is available Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST. 

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