Shelby Financials Tips

Here are a few quick tips and tricks for Shelby Financials to make your entry and navigation more effective by saving clicks and by reducing wasted steps. Perhaps one or two of these might be new to you and can shorten your entry process a little each session which can add up to saved minutes over time.

1. Cut down your tabs and clicks in Payables

When entering a transaction, there are lots of fields and you probably do not need all of them. The Accounts Payable displays a total of 20 data fields as shown on the Entry Screen. Only 2 of those fields are required: Invoice Date and Due Date. Of the remaining 18, users can place a checkmark in the associated Skip check box and when using the Tab key, the cursor will skip that field. If needed, the user can click inside the skipped field and enter data. Go to Accounts Payable / Manage Unposted Transactions / On the Filters dropdown, click Preferences to see these choices.

Shelby Financials Entry

2. Jump quickly from Application to Application

If you work in more than one application in Shelby Financials (like General Ledger and Accounts Payable or Bank Account Management) and you do not have multiple tabs or windows open, then you are missing a nice time-saving feature of your browser. To open a second or third tab with a different Financials screen (in the same application or in two different applications) just right-click on the link you need to open and choose Open link in new tab or Open link in new window. This will save time moving from application to application.

Shelby Financials New Tab

3. Run a Reconciliation Report with a single click

There is a great summary report you can run when reconciling your Bank Statement that gives you Canceled Items, Outstanding Items, and a Summary page all with a single click. Click the View Reconciliation Report to create a comprehensive record of your reconciliation to staple to your statement once you have completed and balanced your reconciliation.

4. Lock down your periods for quicker and more accurate journal entries

Control the Journal Entries coming from your sub-ledgers (Accounts Payable, Payroll, etc). It is wise to limit access to only the active period you are working in. This is a simple process. Go to General Ledger / Modify / Year and Periods / choose your current year / then close all periods except your active period. Change this each period to keep entries more accurate, easier, and faster to enter.

Shelby Financials journal entries

5. Use Pay Groups to organize multiple pay runs easily

When you find you need to run more than one pay run within Shelby Financials to accommodate different groupings of employees or even some of the same employees working for different departments, you don’t need to manually select those different groupings for each run. You can mark any compensation as belonging to a Pay Group you have designated. You can filter one or a selection of Pay Groups. Or only show those not in one of these special groupings. Go to Payroll / Modify / Employer Information / Basic information tab to create your Pay Groups. Use these to filter your Pay Run (Payroll / Enter / Employees to Pay).

Shelby Financials Pay Runs