Pastor using Integrated Church Management Software

Ministry is one of the most fulfilling assignments in our lifetime. We are blessed with the opportunity to partner with God in spreading His Good News, evangelizing the lost, and equipping the saints. However, if you’re involved in ministry, especially if you are a church leader, you also understand how challenging it can be. From dealing with difficult people to managing tasks and not having enough time in the day to do everything, ministry can also be exhausting. But the Bible encourages us in 2 Corinthians, “Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.”  

At Shelby Systems, our heart is to serve the Church with tech solutions that will enable your ministry to thrive. Whether you’re a pastor who wants to make more time for ministry or you’re a church admin who wants to increase efficiency and organization, Shelby has the tools you’re looking for.   

With our Total Ministry Package, you have the ability to accept online donations, manage volunteers, follow up with new guests, steward resources, and more—all within one, integrated system!  

Take a look at how beneficial integrated church management software can be in saving time and lowering costs.  

Save Time 

The staff and administrators on your team will save precious time because everything is in one place. You won’t have to jump between platforms to get things done. No more copying and pasting member information or importing lengthy spreadsheets from outside sources.  

Additionally, save time by syncing contact lists, email communications, accounting processes, and more. With multiple software solutions that “talk,” it will make daily operational and organizational tasks much simpler.  

Lower Costs 

Save money by bundling Shelby Systems’ premium products for one monthly price. Not only do you have access to multiple tools that will help you run your ministry, but they also all work together seamlessly.  

With simplified pricing, you unlock the most value for solutions which are built to further your mission. When you pay for each piece of software separately, (especially with multiple companies), it will cost more than bundling the suite of platforms with Shelby’s Total Ministry Package.  

Total Ministry Solution 

Now you don’t have to pick and choose what technologies will work best for your church. Everything is bundled and works cohesively with one monthly price. No more worrying about multiple costly payments or which technology has been paid for each month. Reduce the administrative burden that comes with church management, communication, and finances. Did we mention all these features work together?  

What’s Included in the Total Ministry Package 


Engage your church community with our powerful, cloud-based church management software. Keep data in one place and manage members, groups, and contacts. Record attendance, create workflows, and run valuable reports. 


ShelbyNext Financials is state-of-the-art software specifically designed to meet the needs of churches, ministries, and non-profits. Access everything you need related to church finances, including payroll, accounts payable and receivable, ledgers, assets, and financial reporting.  

Online Giving 

Inspire and manage online giving at your church with tools to engage your congregation and easy-to-use features to manage and organize your donations. Provide a secure and familiar user experience across all devices—with online, text, and in-app giving. Increase generosity with recurring giving and providing donors the access to donate from anywhere at any time. 

MinistryOne Church App 

Allow your attenders and leaders the ability to connect, engage, and communicate in one convenient location with the MinistryOne church app. Take your church beyond Sunday and engage your community with access to media, event registration, giving, prayer requests, and more.  


Create an innovative, functional, and beautiful church-centered website. Grow your online presence and share your church’s mission beyond the walls. It’s SEO ready, social media integrated, mobile friendly, and easy to use and update.  

Background Checks 

Protecting your people from criminals and predators is important. Increase safety with integrated background checks from Protect My Ministry. You can order, manage, and maintain background screenings from your account, receive status updates, and message applicants.  

Mass Communication 

Connect with people in seconds to send an update via text message, email, or voice calls. You can segment your communication into specific groups or message your entire list directly from your ChMS. Schedule messages ahead of time by selecting an exact date and time you want it sent.  

Worship Planning 

Manage your worship service (or events) from beginning to end with Worship Planning. Organize, plan, and update your worship flow details. Schedule and communicate with volunteers and teams. It’s also cloud-based, so planning and communication can happen on the go.  

Next Steps 

When you bundle solutions that sync together, you save money and reduce burden. If you want to learn more about our seamless, Total Ministry Solution, contact us today! One of our experts will be happy to help you discover the power of Shelby for your church.