Last year was a hard one for churches, but 2021 can be the year to turn things around—and there’s no better way to start afresh than by implementing a fully integrated Church Management Software (ChMS) solution. A strong ChMS will integrate online giving, donor engagement and church management together—freeing you from the burden of getting multiple solutions to “talk”…so you can focus on your ministry, not the tech behind it. 

Integrated Church Management Can Help You Prepare 

To start 2021 off right, prepare your ministry for upcoming events like never before with a fully integrated ChMS. Having a good ChMS is like hiring an entire team to handle the details so you don’t miss a thing. For instance, a ChMS will help you prepare for returning crowds during Easter, follow up with visitors, make new members feel welcome, manage volunteer workers, increase donations, and more. 

Integrated Church Management Puts Everything in One Place 

Implementing a ChMS allows you to automate and streamline your member data. No longer will you need to “jump” between platforms to get things done, or repeatedly copy and paste member information. A ChMS puts everything in one place, where all modules can access it—from your contact list to your email list to your accounting solution. And by using an all-in-one cloud-based platform, you can be confident not only in the security of your data, but also in the ability to run it from any browser, on any device. 

Integrated Church Management Enhances Your Communication 

Whether you’re communicating with your entire congregation, a specific small group, volunteers, or an outreach ministry team, an integrated ChMS makes it easy to send the message you need from one familiar dashboard. Choose between phone calls, texting, and email to communicate in the means that’s best received by any group fast. 

Integrated Church Management Boosts Giving 

An integrated ChMS can even increase giving. Nonprofit Source reports that churches that accept tithing online increase donations by an astounding 32%. Some churches have even found that a ChMS quickly pays for itself by providing online giving and streamlining church accounting practices. Because of that, there’s no better time than now to get your church heading in the best, positive direction with a ChMS that’s ready to go. 

Get Your Church Ready for the New Year with Integrated Church Management 

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We look forward to helping you in 2021 and in the years to come! 

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