Shelby Financials Tips

5 Quick Tips for Shelby Financials

Here are a few quick tips and tricks for Shelby Financials to make your entry and navigation more effective by saving clicks and by reducing wasted steps. Perhaps one or two of these might be new to you and can shorten your entry process a little each session which can add up to saved minutes […]

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Welcome Back: Five Ways a Church Mobile App Can Help You Reengage When Summer’s Over

Summer keeps your congregation busy – vacations, reunions, youth sports, and other activities can have church members on the road and away from your services. We’ve heard plenty of church leaders asking an important question: What are the best ways to reengage our members once life goes “back to normal” after the busy summer months? It’s a […]

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VBS and Beyond: How to Create Next Level Summer Church Events Through ChMS ​

You always put so much thought and planning into popular summer church events like Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Bible camps, but can your best summer productions be even better?   Absolutely! You can create next-level events this summer by thinking now about how to harness the power of Church Management Software (ChMS) and the features […]

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