Picture of a thanksgiving meal on a table.

Thanksgiving Ideas For Your Church

3 min read The end of November brings a holiday celebrated by many across the country. No matter what religion, race, or demographic, people come together to celebrate friends, family, and all that they are grateful for. This is also a great time to incorporate creative thanksgiving ideas for your church to impact your community.  […]

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5 Ways to Increase Giving In Your Church 

3 min read  Anytime you approach the topic of giving (especially increasing giving in your church) it can be a sensitive conversation. As we discuss ways to increase giving, what we’re really talking about is how to help people live out the biblical principles of generosity.   A crucial part of following Jesus is stewarding our […]

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church planning

9 Responsibilities of a Church Finance Team  

4 min read  Overseeing and managing the finances of a church is a big responsibility. Often, this is best accomplished by forming a Church Finance Team consisting of people who work together to provide oversight and direction.  Churches often elect or assign members to serve on a finance team responsible for the management and stewardship […]

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7 Ways to Show Gratitude During Pastor Appreciation Month 

3 min read  It’s no secret that pastoral ministry has been uniquely challenging over the last few years. Barna reports that 38% of U.S. pastors have thought about quitting full-time ministry in the past year.  This reality makes the need to show appreciation and honor during Pastor Appreciation Month all the more important.  So what […]

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