Church technology solutions

Embracing church technology is essential in today’s unpredictable climate. With more church staff working remotely and budgets being tightened, the solutions you use to connect and manage ministry must increase efficiency while reducing costs. On top of that, you need to balance engaging your community online and in person. 

One common challenge churches face is that the tech world provides more tools and capabilities than ever before. This means that your church probably uses multiple systems to manage ministry.

Some churches struggle when their systems fail to sync successfully. Others may have budgets that only allow for the adoption of a few vital pieces of software, leaving them with outdated systems or doing a lot of the work manually.

The solution for any church dealing with these issues—or trying to avoid them—is bundling systems that work with each other. Let’s dig deeper by learning the undeniable benefits of bundling church technology solutions and what type of bundle makes the most sense for your unique church.

Focus on systems that communicate 

When you have limited resources and a BIG to-do list, staff and volunteers are often spread thin. Ongoing tasks like keeping a website current, balancing finances, staying on top of social media, and outreach can slip through the cracks.

The platforms you use to complete these different jobs determine how much time you can allocate in your day towards them. And there’s nothing more frustrating than duplicating tasks or manually entering information because your systems don’t work together.

Time is truly your most valuable commodity, and bundling church solutions save you those precious hours in a workweek. When the systems you use communicate with each other, you naturally save time and increase productivity, even with reduced staff and fewer volunteers to help. 

Choose a bundle that fits your needs

Deciding which solutions to bundle can be tricky because staff and volunteers use different systems depending on their role within the church. Based on feedback from the customers we gratefully serve, we found that bundling church management software, financials, giving, live streaming, websites, and background checks is the most in demand and thorough. We provide all these systems and encourage our customers to bundle as many as they feel necessary. You can start with two or three, and then add more as your church’s needs change. 

Let’s break down these systems and learn how they work (and work together).

#1: Church Management Software (ChMS)

Your ChMS is your hub for increased engagement and successful ministry management. Every solution you use should work with this system. It allows you to stay on-task and organized with automated workflows, event management, advanced reporting, child check-in, and everything in between. Plus, our ChMS comes with a free worship planning tool and full-featured mobile app. 

Using a ChMS, church admins and assistants, music and worship pastors, children’s pastors, and communication leaders can develop deeper connections with congregants all while saving time. Right now, staying in touch is vital to sustainability and growth, and this tool elevates your current efforts. 

Shelby Systems church management software solution (ChMS)

#2: Financials 

Financial managers, CFOs, and admins need a financial solution that works with their ChMS and is built for ministry. That way, you stop wasting time with manual inputs, clunky spreadsheets, or workarounds on programs not tailored for your day-in and day-out responsibilities.

Our financial solution is built for the unique needs of churches, so you actually pay for what you use rather than getting overcharged for features that are meant for business. 

ShelbyNext Financial solution

#3: Online Giving

By adding our online giving to your ChMS, you ignite generosity with 4 ways to give: online, in-app, text, and using the Virtual Terminal to donate on behalf of the giver. You can accept payments on Forms for t-shirts and event registration, and it all syncs with our ChMS.

As a church admin, executive pastor, or principle giving director, when you bundle online giving with other systems, you free up time that can be spent focused on cultivating generosity. And you can better identify giving patterns using the robust reporting system for thoughtful budgeting. 

Shelby Systems Online Giving Solution for your church

Live Streaming

Videographers, production leaders and FoH worship techs have more control with integrated live streaming allowing them to share your services across more platforms and reach people near and far with your message. 

Broaden your reach and stay in front of your community when they can’t be in the seats during these unparalleled times. Whether people watch your service in real time, or watch the replay, you simply stay better connected. 

Shelby Systems live church streaming solution

Websites and Media

Websites and media are key to engagement. Digital ministry coordinators and media directors know they can’t set it and forget it. They have to actively keep up to engage and inform your community with a responsive website. 

With so many shifts in the way we gather right now, it’s imperative that people can easily find you online to learn about service times, ways to give, sign up for kid’s activities, and watch your live stream. And people expect a clean and attractive site that’s easy to navigate, so make sure you bundle a website that provides beautiful templates designed for ministry. 

Shelby Systems Websites and media for your church

Background Checks

When working with children, even if it’s online, youth pastors and Sunday School leaders must complete their due diligence. Routine background screenings help avoid bad publicity, money lost because of lawsuits, and harm to children. Boost your risk management strategy and protect your ministry with background checks that are easy to manage from your ChMS dashboard.

Shelby Systems background check solution for your church

Next Steps

When you work with a single source that provides multiple solutions, you’ll save energy every day. Each solution is designed to simplify the daily, weekly, and monthly processes you routinely perform. Support is streamlined, so you don’t waste time searching for answers. Plus, training staff and volunteers is a breeze because the systems are intuitive and built for church management. Now, rather than fighting your systems or looking for workarounds, you can focus on the task at hand.

Whether your church is reworking your budget, you want to free up admin time, or you’re ready to simplify daily processes—bundling your church technology solutions is a smart move. 

Speak with a Church Technology Bundling Expert to find out how much you can save. Remember, it doesn’t cost anything to have a conversation and learn more!