December 15, 2017

Bible engagement is at an all-time low. That might be true, but technology provides numerous tools to help us engage with the Bible more deeply.   With a new year just around the corner, we would like to encourage your ministry to challenge everyone to go through God’s Word in the coming year. One of…


September 12, 2017

We have been monitoring the devastation of the storms and resulting damage as Hurricane Irma makes its way north. With that in mind, we wanted to reach out to our customers in the area and let you know, first and foremost, that you and all the people you serve are in our thoughts and prayers….

5 Common Myths

July 24, 2017

A myth is a widely held but false belief or idea. Here are a few myths that we hear commonly when it comes to mobile giving. OLDER GENERATIONS WON’T GIVE ON THEIR MOBILE PHONE – Baby boomers and older generations are using mobile banking apps, paying for their coffee via the Starbucks app, buying things…

Pizza Box

May 26, 2017

It may sound strange at first, but you are a pizza box. Watch as Pastor Jentezen Franklin (from Kingdom Connection) preaches an incredible sermon in only two minutes. It is one you will never forget. This brief video will forever change the way you think about pizza delivery. Enjoy this inspirational message and feel free…

May 12, 2014

#108359383 / Have you ever wondered what type of leader you are? When we hear the term “leader”, our minds have been trained to think of a pastor, someone who has influence over a large group or someone who is invited to give motivational speeches at conferences. This is not the case. There are…