5 Common Myths

A myth is a widely held but false belief or idea. Here are a few myths that we hear commonly when it comes to mobile giving.

  1. OLDER GENERATIONS WON’T GIVE ON THEIR MOBILE PHONE – Baby boomers and older generations are using mobile banking apps, paying for their coffee via the Starbucks app, buying things on Amazon, and engaging with their families on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. ONLY LARGE CHURCHES CAN USE MOBILE GIVING – The size of your church has literally no significance here. Whether you’re a small church that’s just starting or an established church that’s been serving your community for years, mobile giving can help you raise more money than ever.
  3. MOBILE GIVING COSTS TOO MUCH – Most churches will see far more giving over and above their normal weekly or monthly average which, even with fees, puts the church in a better financial position.
  4. MOBILE GIVING ISN’T SECURE – When done correctly, mobile giving is more secure than taking cash and/or checks when the collection plate comes by.
  5. MOBILE GIVING MAKES IT HARDER TO GIVE AND DOESN’T ALLOW DONORS TO SET UP RECURRING DONATIONS – You can give on your mobile phone faster than you can find, write, tear off, and drop your check into the plate. Plus, your tax receipt will be emailed immediately to your inbox. In addition, mobile giving actually makes setting up auto recurring giving easier because it’s shown to the person during their giving moment (eg. it puts it on their mind). Donors can then set up donations to occur on a schedule that fits with their financial situation.

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Source: Church Tech Today