Church Management Software Benefits Staff

Managing the details of church and ministry can take a significant amount of time. Many pastors and leaders probably wish they could spend all their time connecting with people, serving others, and making a difference for the Kingdom. However, we all know that administrative tasks are necessary, even if they aren’t on the forefront of our minds. If the administrative software and tools are integrated and all work together within a complete church management solution, your church staff will be able to further the mission with much less operational burden.  

Ease-of-use consistently ranks as the most important purchase criteria for church software among faith-based organizations. Integrated church management software (ChMS) is one critical way to simplify church operations. With integrated ChMS, you’ll have access to everything you need for your ministry to run smoothly.  

So, what is church management software?  

Church management software (ChMS) is computer technology created specifically for the church, so administrators, pastors, staff, and volunteers have the necessary tools to engage their community, stay organized, and expand as membership grows.  

With a ChMS that integrates with other church software, pastors, staff, and church administrators will be able to streamline behind-the-scenes administrative work. Rather than having siloed platforms for membership, online giving, accounting, communications, website and content management, and security, a complete church management solution cohesively ties all the tasks into one system. This means fewer logins and passwords to remember, and more importantly, all the tools work together. 

Benefits of Integrated Accounting Software 

Fiscal responsibility, especially for churches, is essential. Having accounting software that can handle the unique finances of a church is necessary to maximize ministry opportunities and remain compliant when tax season occurs. The software found in a complete ChMS includes features like tracking tithes and offerings, pastor and staff payroll, and calculation of necessary taxes.  

Below, we will discuss three ways that integrated ChMS and accounting software can benefit your church staff. 

  1. Incorporate Financials with Your ChMS 

Having a church accounting system integrated with your ChMS and your online giving is critical. It will help streamline all the complicated processes with managing church finances and save your team valuable time by having one system in place for multiple functions.  

Reduce the amount and degree of errors caused by manual data input. Reconcile contributions and receipts with online giving and accounting. Track your members and their donations in one, easy-to-use system. 

  1. Stay on Track with Your Budget 

Budgeting is a crucial part of successfully stewarding finances. With a church accounting system integrated with your ChMS and giving platform, your general ledger will be able to do true fund accounting and track where funds are coming in and how they are being used.  

With a cloud-based accounting platform, your financial staff can have a better idea of how to anticipate increases or declines in giving because donations are tracked in real-time.  

  1. Examine Reporting Functionality  

Having access to financial reports is extremely important for churches because they have a wide range of donors, pastors, and financial councils that need to view monetary data. With instant access to a variety of digital accounting reports, you’ll be able to easily provide the information to everyone who needs it.  

Connecting church staff to their accounting records is crucial to maintaining accountability and up-to-date financial status. With a versatile reporting system, you can satisfy all your data needs and make it easy for church staff to view giving trends.  

Church Management and Accounting 

Your church staff works hard to serve the people in your church and community. Now, you can make it easier for them with a complete church management system.  

ShelbySystems’ software and team of dedicated support specialists will streamline your processes to free up more capacity for ministry to take place. If you want to see how integrated ChMS and church accounting can help your church, contact us today! 

What’s Next?

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how Shelby Financials can help you:​

– Achieve real-time visibility into your accounting and finances at your ministry​
– Start saving your church time and money by eliminating manual processes with automation​
– Manage your church accounting from anywhere and anytime.​
– Streamline cash flow management, payroll, general ledger, accounts payable, purchase management, and more.​