MinistryOne Mobile App

Although our society has been steadily making the move towards more mobile phone usage over the last two decades, the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown across the globe has led to an even greater than expected surge. Mobile app usage in particular grew 40% year-over-year in the second quarter of 2020. Plus, there was a record high download of 35 billion new apps that consumers were adding to their phones. The bottom line—if you’re not already mobile, it’s time to make the change. 

ShelbyNext Giving includes the MinistryOne Mobile App at no additional cost. The powerful app is an all-in-one tool that works for your leaders, staff, and volunteers, and keeps your congregation engaged no matter where they are.

Organize Your Team and Expand Your Reach

For church leaders and admins, the mobile app includes an abundance of features that will help keep your team in touch with members from attendance tracking to mass messaging. Create groups and view lists of all member profiles to use as a church directory so you get to know your members better and never miss the chance to warmly welcome newcomers. 

The directory allows you to view all the information for your members including their contact info, significant dates, and family members. You can edit, assign, and record new interactions with members individually, or as a group, and even track which are completed or remain outstanding—ensuring nobody slips through the cracks.

Keep Your People Engaged Anytime, Anywhere

MinistryOne gives your community the chance to get involved like never before. With the ability to give online and register for events directly from their phones, you’ll wonder why you didn’t go mobile sooner. 

Whether your church is large or small, the MinistryOne app makes online giving a possibility for everyone. Fewer people carrying cash or checks these days and now, during a time when we can’t gather together, it’s important that churches make it easier for people to continue being generous. It’s been found that those who set up recurring donations actually give 42% more annually, which is an easy boost for your church and can help with forecasting your budget.

In addition to online giving, the app also offers access to plenty of media, so people can view your content from anywhere. Whether members are sick, working, or even on vacation—they don’t have to miss out on service when it’s available in the palm of their hands. They can even submit prayer requests and stay connected with other groups throughout the week. 

Why Go Mobile?

Even as the country has opened back up and some have started returning to church, not everyone has been able to go back to their normal routines. Some are choosing to remain cautious while others have stricter limitations imposed depending on where they live. 

Regardless of what the situation is for your congregation, the MinistryOne App gives everyone the option to stay connected and informed when they need it the most. The app empowers your church with helpful organizational and engagement tools. Plus, you provide church members access to tons of mobile-optimized content. The best part? It’s included FREE with your ShelbyNext Giving plan. 

Interested in learning more about the MinistryOne App? Click here to talk with one of our Shelby Church Consultants.