Part I of a 2 part series on the value of using biometric technology with Shelby Systems’ church management software, written by John Trader, Communications Specialist with M2SYS Technology.

Most Church Check-In Software Doesn’t Cut The Mustard

“Fee-fi-fo-fum, my current check-in procedure is making me glum.”

Ever catch yourself muttering this phrase? Ok, so maybe you don’t say these exact words, but something to that effect. In a day and age when successful church management software is defined by its ability to combine speed and precision with enhanced security and waste reduction, churches across the country are seeking the perfect melting pot of all these characteristics at an affordable price.


That’s where Shelby’s innovative biometric identification option comes in.

Why Is Biometric Technology Becoming The Check-In Procedure Of Choice?

As Shelby has evolved, they have added biometric identification technology to their optional check-in/check-out features, which offers churches an opportunity to take advantage of all the distinct benefits that biometric identification presents. What are some of those benefits? Let’s take a look:

  • Speed – In less time that it takes to write down a person’s name, a child or young adult can be accounted for and verified using biometric identification at check-in. Currently using a PIN system for check-in? Ever had someone forget their PIN and clog up the flow? No PIN’s to forget when you are using biometric technology. Biometrics makes check-in faster and eliminates lines.
  • Security – Parents can rest assured that their children are leaving with the correct person. Sometimes check-in staff and check-out staff may not be familiar with the faces of all parents or guardians so biometrics offers a level of security which leaves no doubt that the identity of an adult picking up a child is accurate. Biometrics boosts security.
  • Productivity – The time that biometric check-in and check-out saves for staff can allow them to refocus on more productive tasks. Biometrics increases productivity.
  • Reduces Waste/Saves Resources – How much do you spend each year on paper for check-in? How about barcode cards? Perhaps you pre-print name tags prior to a Student Ministry meeting? Do you end up throwing labels away for students who don’t attend? Biometric check-in can be customized to only print a child or student’s name tag that actually attends a service or meeting. In addition, the technology eliminates purchasing and replacing barcode cards. Biometrics reduces waste and saves resources.
  • Tracking – Biometrics establishes concrete tracking mechanisms to keep accurate records of parishioners coming and going to map out peak times and make staff adjustments. Biometric technology can help accurately track a child’s meal choices, allergies, activity choices, etc. so the proper child receives the proper care. Biometrics improves tracking.

These are all compelling reasons to consider biometric technology as part of your Shelby software.

In part 2 of 2 in our series, we will turn the spotlight on a church in Iowa that is successfully using biometric identification. We will discuss the reasons they decided to use biometrics and what benefits they have found with it.