Part 2 of a 2 part series on the value of using biometric technology with Shelby Systems’, written by John Trader, Communications Specialist with M2SYS Technology.

Quick Recap Of Biometric Technology’s Value

In the first post of our series, we discussed the value of using biometric technology with Shelby’s church management software. We talked about how biometrics can:

  • Increase speed of check-in
  • Tighten security
  • Boost productivity of staff
  • Reduce waste and conserve resources by eliminating paper or barcode cards
  • Establish a tracking mechanism to keep accurate records

We made the case that using biometric technology for check-in is something to think about. However, you may be wondering, “Who is currently using biometrics for check-in and is it really paying dividends?”

Glad you asked.

Let’s take a closer look at a Shelby customer who is currently using it with their ARENA software and how it has helped with check-in for the Student Ministry program.

New Covenant Baptist Church – Cedar Rapids, IA

Austin Spooner, from New Covenant Baptist Church in Cedar Rapids, IA, recently began using Shelby’s ARENA check-in software (which includes biometric technology) for check-in at their Student Ministry. Prior to using ARENA, Austin and his staff spent a lot of effort printing name tags and looking up students manually in their system, a procedure that was resource draining and time consuming.

Since implementing ARENA and establishing fingerprint check-in for the Student Ministry, Austin observed that, “…our attendance data is more accurate and we have reduced waste by not printing name tags for students that do not attend for the night. Our staff no longer needs to manually enter attendance data after the event.”

Austin has been so impressed with the biometric technology’s ability to save resources and staff time that he plans to expand the deployment to New Covenant’s new facility with additional Student Ministry check-in and family registration kiosks.

Now Is the Time To Take A Closer Look At Biometric Technology

Biometric technology is becoming ubiquitous as the trusted identification resource for churches all over the country. The value of including it as part of your check-in procedure and the fact that the Shelby staff is always happy to provide you with additional information and resources for understanding this unique technology is second to none!