morning window
I have been blessed to sit under many great teachers in my 10 years of walking with the Lord. In this digital age I have been impacted by many teachers that I would not have access to otherwise. I have noticed there are many resounding truths or a common foundation in these teachings over the years. Mainly, and most importantly, the truth that Jesus Christ was God in the form of man, perfect, holy, sinless, blameless. Christ died on the cross to take the punishment we deserve because we have personally sinned against God. Christ defeated death and He offers true life freely to all who repent and believe.


Another topic I have heard repeated over the years is the importance of spending time with the Lord. I feel the Lord has been telling me to reevaluate this spiritual discipline lately. The act of spending time with the Lord is referred to in many different terms in the American Christian culture. T.A.W.G., is the acronym the college ministry that I participated in used. This stands for “time alone with God”. I heard it referred to as “quite time” growing up and I have heard many other coined phrases along the way. These terms refer to the act of a believer setting aside a time to be still and be with the Lord. No matter the nickname, one thing I’ve noticed constantly encouraged by teachers and scripture is to carve out a specific time slot in your schedule. Get up early in the morning and seek the Lord.


Psalm 5:3 says, Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly. Another verse is Psalms 143:9, Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you.


I know we can spend time with Lord throughout the day no matter the hour. If we do not get up early it is not like we missed out on our all-access pass. I actually know a good amount of people that spend time with the Lord at night. The great thing is there is so much freedom. Our time with the Lord does not have to look any specific way and doesn’t require a specific time frame. Yet, since scripture repeats it and wise followers of Christ recommend it then I feel like it is worth considering.


Why rise early in the morning to meet the Lord? You are rested and refreshed in the a.m. There are less distractions and demands in comparison to the rest of the day. Spending this time with the Lord starts your day of like adding fuel to a fire that needs to last for many hours. Reminding our forgetful brains of our purpose in the morning will set us up for success. And my favorite, His mercies are renewed every morning!! I literally said to myself this morning before I got up, thank the Lord it’s a new day. It is so great to be reminded that our previous failures from the day before are gone!!


Now it is a struggle for many people to get up and spend time with the Lord. I know it is for me. Yet, I do believe the effort will far outweigh the struggle so it is at least worth a try!!


May we be faithful in the small things so that we can be entrusted with far greater things!