Are you looking for a time clock tracking product in the cloud?  TimeClock Plus OnDemand is a Software-as-a-Service application that works flawlessly with our Shelby Financials Online and Shelby v.5 product. That’s right, we are telling you it is possible to access your financial software and your time clock from anywhere that has an internet connection.


There are two package options with TimeClock Plus OnDemand, basic and premium. Set up is a breeze, there is zero maintenance and upgrades are automatic. So if you are in need of a system to track employee hours, monitor attendance, and eliminate unnecessary overtime you should consider TimeClock Plus OnDemand Basic. If you want all of those options and more, take it up a notch to Premium. Regulate vacation and sick days, send out automated email reports and much more. And let’s not forget to mention technical support is included!

You’re probably wondering where you can get more info, huh? Send a shout out to the Shelby Sales Guy over your region or call Shelby Sales directly at 800-877-0222. They will be excited to help assess your needs and let you know which TimeClock Plus OnDemand product will best serve you. Hope to talk to you soon.