Do you think there are people that will never understand technology no matter how hard they try? Think about it. There is a huge divide in exposure to technology among generations today. For example, one of my co-workers never had computers in his school as a child. While my school had a computer lab of about 30 computers, but my exposure was limited. And younger generations today are so saturated in technology that a many of them sleep with a cell phones next to their bed. Therefore, for many, the learning curve that comes with technology is large. I have thought at times that maybe there are people who will not overcome it. If you have been asked to teach your father (who has never sat in front of a computer) how to search the web, than you know what I mean.


Comprehending technology is possible, but it takes time. Just think, there are concepts in our culture that have not always existed, but today they are considered the norm. Technology is here to stay and it really makes things easier. Now when I embrace technology, I ask, what else can I get this to do for me? Don’t let what you know be enough. Keep learning. Make technology work for you. And of course if it is Church Software related, I know a lot of people that can help.