Take a deep breath. Stop for a minute. Notice what is happening around you. Sunday may be the Sabbath for many but chances are if you are reading this blog, Sunday is your “go” day.


You are the leadership and administration of churches and organizations across America and beyond. If I were to challenge you to stop on Sunday, just for a moment and take in all the Lord is doing around you, my challenge would be deferred by many of you. You may be amidst the hustle and bustle of God’s creation but are you able to genuinely take part?


I was chatting with a lady just yesterday. She was telling me about her current dilemmas with technology that forcibly flare up on Sunday mornings, specifically in the area of check-in. For a church with 25 Sunday sections for children alone, she had a lot of people to record. The shocking part is, she had to enter all the information in their systems by hand!


There is only one of you. Your efforts for the Lord are pleasing whether the job is entering data or preaching a sermon. The questions is, how will you utilize that time differently when those monotonous tasks are no longer on the list?


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