together we are strong


There’s a reason that Christ called the disciples as a group. While each had his individual task, together they formed the core of the early church. They supported one another and helped to spread the word throughout the farthest regions of the known lands at the time. In short — together they were stronger. In […]

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When it comes to protecting the church, one often thinks about things like locks, on-site security and alarm systems. But what about the threats that can exists from inside the ministry in the very congregation itself? How well prepared are you when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable members of your flock – your […]

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Shelby’s Cloud Based Church Management Software Options

Are you wanting to move to an online church management system? Whether you’re needing a Financial Package, Membership Package, or both; Shelby Systems has the solution for you.   Shelby Financials and Arena Standard Online were created with your church’s specific needs in mind. Your church software should serve you well so you can serve […]

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China Has a Cure For Text-Walking

Texting and walking is a modern day reality. You have probably seen the many YouTube videos of people walking into walls and poles because they are distracted by texting on their cell phones. People text and walk so often there is a good chance you might be one of the people from the YouTube footage. […]

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