together we are strong

There’s a reason that Christ called the disciples as a group. While each had his individual task, together they formed the core of the early church. They supported one another and helped to spread the word throughout the farthest regions of the known lands at the time.

In short — together they were stronger.

In this way, the modern church is no different. It takes more than one dedicated person to move a ministry forward. Depending upon the size of your church, it will often take several groups of people working in harmony to accomplish the everyday tasks of ministry.

How well do your groups work together? How do they communicate with each other and with other groups? Are they working as a team or simply as a collection of random individuals?

At Shelby Systems, we recognize the importance of having cohesive groups that talk to each other within a ministry. That’s why group organization is at the core of our church relationship management solution, ShelbyNext Membership.

Within ShelbyNext Membership, you can not only organize your people into groups, you can communicate with them through texts and e-mails, assign tasks to individuals in the group and those individuals can relay information about those interactions back to the designated group leader. You can add group events or meetings to the larger church calendar so other teams within your ministry know when things are happening. And thanks to the integration of your churches mobile app, group members can do all of this from their phones.

If your church’s software doesn’t help you and your groups work better together, then give us a call at 800.877.0222 and let us help.