Want to attract young families to your church? These communication tips may help

Many churches in America have aging congregations and a constant prayer in all of them is that they attract young families to the church. A primary response to this need is for churches to upgrade their children’s programs and make certain their nurseries are spotless, attractive, and well-staffed. Though facilities responses are essential, communication responses […]

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autumn church


Outreach events for churches can be predictable in the fall. But what if you tried something else, maybe something with an intentional evangelistic focus that your community might not expect? These ten outreach ideas will allow your church to be noticed in your community and, most importantly, provide your members with several opportunities for gospel […]

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The most important part of growth is retention. There are innate desires in every church to spread the Good News of the Gospel, to reach the “unchurched”, to minister to those in need, to be a valued resource in the communities they serve, to have congregants that are thriving spiritually. And to grow. There are […]

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