About two years ago, Shelby began offering online courses, first in Financials and last year we added Non-Financials. These have been well received, but we were somewhat limited by the platform offered by our Learning Management System used to host the MPower University. 

This year, we have a new look in a whole new Learning Management System (LMS). We are excited for what this will offer for our customers. 

What is MPower University, and who are these courses for? 

We have created these courses as an additional and economical way for us to offer training to those looking for a self-paced, relaxed learning environment. It offers courses that can be taken on your timetable, with printable handouts, and helpful videos as an option to live training with an instructor. 

Most courses are made up of chapters which each have five distinct lessons:  

  • An introduction that lays out the plan for that chapter
  • A video lesson showing the skills
  • A detailed and printable handout to reinforce the video
  • A review to emphasize the important points
  • A quiz to confirm your learning

Currently, the courses we offer are: 

  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – General Ledger 
  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – Accounts Payable 
  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – Bank Account Management 
  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – Payroll 
  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – Security 
  • ShelbyFinancials 101 – Portal (this is a FREE course) 
  • ChMS 101 – People and Groups 
  • ChMS 101 – Attendance and Check-in  
  • ChMS 101 – Giving 
  • ChMS 101 – Online Giving 
  • ChMS 101 – Forms 
  • ChMS 101 – Settings and Permissions 
  • ChMS 101 – Additional Topics 

Our goal during this year is to add even more courses to cover the financial applications we have not yet offered (Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, and Purchasing Management). 

This is a great tool for smaller offices, new hires needing a bit of reinforcement, or even as a companion to live training to maximize the learning experience. Check out the new look for MPower University and consider this helpful learning tool for your team.