As the year comes to a close, we wanted to share the latest Shelby Systems features that are now available for our customers. Our team has worked hard all year to make exciting changes and quality of life improvements for our users and we can’t wait to share even more with you in the year ahead.

ShelbyNext Giving 

Donor Import Tool added to ShelbyNext Giving

Considering making the move to ShelbyNext Giving soon? The new year is a great time to roll out new giving and mobile solutions if you have not already implemented ShelbyNext Giving.  

We’ve just made it easier to make this move for you and your donor with our Donor Import tool! 

The import can flex to meet your needs.  Import just your donors, your donors and their history, or donors, history and schedule of recurring gifts. 


To have this feature enabled in your Giving account, reach out to our team at 

ShelbyNext Membership 

CSV Export – now with selection of columns to export

This very useful feature has been greatly enhanced with the ability to select the columns to export. The whole interface has a new look to accommodate all the choices available. Check out this document with some tips on how this valuable tool works and how it can help you extract data for use in lists, mail merges, pivot tables, and more.  


Shelby Arena 

Arena’s New Staff Tracking Feature

Arena’s new Staff feature is similar to Arena’s Family Relationships with expanded options.  It is primarily designed for Denominational Headquarters, allowing them to track the current staff of each of the reporting churches\parishes.  However, large churches might also find it helpful.  Staff tracking supports the following options: 

  1. Link to each reporting church or parish.  Large churches might use it to track staff by campus or department 
  2. Individual’s title. 
  3. Start date 
  4. End date 
  5. If you also have Shelby Financials’ Remittance application, then it links to and updates Alternate Contact 1 or Alternate Contact 2.  If you change an alternate contact from within Remittance, then the program also updates the Staff feature in Arena