Today’s spotlight shines on long-time Shelby Systems’ Customer Support Specialist: Dan Davis.

As a former school teacher, Dan enjoys the teaching aspect of what Shelby support entails. He finds it very satisfying to help a customer resolve a problem whether it ends up being a simple or complex issue. Dan provides support for a good portion of the various products that Shelby Systems offers. He is currently on the Arena team. In addition, he assists v5, ShelbyNext, and Headquarters customers. What Dan enjoys most about his work is how almost every call is different.

Let’s get to know: DAN DAVIS

Hi – my name is Dan Davis, and I’ve been married for 18 years to my lovely wife Jenni. I have a 13 year old son (Pearce) and an 11 year old daughter (Garner). As a family, we enjoy camping, going to Marvel movies, bike riding, and swimming. The school year is particularly busy as both children are heavily involved in extra-curricular activities. Pearce is active in multiple school bands as well as the school play. Garner is also in her school play as well as involved with church, Bible drill, and soccer. Free time is a luxury, so we make sure to enjoy it when we have it.

I’ve been a Christian since around the age of 6 or 7. I grew up under the teaching of Adrian Rogers and felt compelled to become a Christian at a very young age. Later in my teens, I came to an even deeper appreciation of faith and have been involved in various ministries since that time. I mainly just want to be plugged in and involved wherever God has me. I currently lead a Life Group (Sunday School) at my church and assist in the Music Department for the Youth musical, along with periodically playing in the church orchestra.

Somehow I managed to squeeze a four-year degree in music into about 10 years. Actually, I took a break in the middle of my college education to become a Marine Musician. I served four years in the Marine Corps band located in New Orleans Louisiana, and then 4 more years in inactive reserves, in order to qualify for the GI bill to finish my college education. I earned a Performance Degree in Percussion and went on to be an elementary school teacher for about 7 years. During that time, I also completed a Master’s Degree in Education while pursuing my teaching license.

My father was an independent small business owner my whole life, running small commercial print shops and doing independent contract Typesetting. Over the years, I developed the hobby of helping him with the computer systems he would implement in his workplace. I quickly developed a passion for electronics and computers, not programming so much as how they work, putting them together and troubleshooting them. This led me to qualify for several independent certifications in random computer applications and eventually to work at Shelby Systems. I worked here at Shelby briefly for a couple of years, before leaving to be a school teacher. I then came back to Shelby about 3 and a half years ago now. For me, Shelby has felt like home as many of my friends from as early as high school and earlier have also worked here.

Originally, I was just looking to get started in a job where you can use your skills to help people. The support technician position allows me to do a lot of different things, which keeps things interesting and challenging. I have continued to work here because of the culture and the friendships I have in the workspace.

I think I have learned patience working in support. Sometimes you need to take a slower approach. We don’t always have that luxury, but invariably customers appreciate me taking the time to focus on the issue at hand, and also when its time to follow up.

For hobbies, I enjoy computer gaming, though the games have changed some over the years. I also enjoy tinkering with things in home improvement. I recently got certified in Industrial Electricity just because I thought it was interesting and I like to keep learning. With that knowledge I enjoy swapping out light fixtures and other dated electrical items in my home.

My wife and I currently enjoy volunteering with some local ministries and bringing our kids along to learn.

When you call Shelby Systems for software support, I am one of the friendly voices you will hear on the other end of the phone. I look forward to serving you and your ministry soon.

My name is Dan Davis, and I am a Shelby Systems team member.

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