Technology is fast-moving and so advanced nowadays, especially with the anticipation of paying for your belongings by using your phone.

Near Field Communication, or NFC, allows mobile devices and payment terminals to communicate with each other and read special tags. This new technology is soon going to hit every person with a cell phone and our flimsy credit cards will be out.

Samsung’s Nexus S was released December 16, 2010 and Nokia has said that they will have the NFC technology on all of their phones in 2011. This technology will allow you to walk into Starbucks and swipe your mobile device over their NFC devices, essentially charging your cup o’ joe to your phone.

Scratch Google taking over the world. Cell phones are taking over the world. (I know we all know this, but did you ever think that so much of your life would be invested in your phone?) I even read an article recently on the M2SYS Blog site that mentioned the use of biometric phones now. Calls, texting, games, video, camera, apps, and now… your wallet as well.

What if we treated the Bible the way we treat our phones? (Always in hand or purse paying constant attention to it and freaking out if we leave it somewhere.) We would all be different people, I assume.

What will that mean for the credit card companies? What will that mean for us?

“Do you have a Gap card yet, ma’am?”

“Why no… no I don’t… let me add that to my phone real quick…”

What do you think?