In John 13:34-35, Jesus charges his disciples with the following words, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” 

In a month where love is in the air, how can your church or ministry leverage your technology to encourage your members, donors, and community to share the love?

  1. Choose a cause and raise some much-needed monetary support –  Create a unique form just for this purpose that can be shared by staff, members and donors.
    1. Skip the drop-down for choosing a fund and just put an amount box for entering the gift amount to simplify giving.
    2. Add a header image to your form – a picture is worth a thousand words.
    3. Use the Form Description or Static Text to add information about how this gift will impact the ministry or community.
    4. Set up a Keyword in Fund Management to promote with Text Giving (i.e. Text 50 Love to 555-555-5555 to make your $50 gift to our “Love Your Neighbor” initiative).
    5. Get Social – create a simple image that members & donors can use to share this with their circle of generous friends! 
  1. Identify a group that needs some supplies and organize a drive – is the food bank stretched thin post-holidays, does your pregnancy resource center need diapers and bottles, does your school system need some sanitizing supplies?
    1. Determine your group and needed supplies (be specific)
      1. Design a sign-up form using Check-boxes for what people are willing to donate.
      2. Set a specific quantity as a goal if you want to have a count down of how many more are needed.
      3. Tailor your email response to the donor to include what they have sign-ed up for as a reminder. Or provide the specific drop-off instructions. 
    2. Connect this form to a work-flow in membership to help organize your efforts.
      1. Add “donors” to a group for quick follow-up and communication.
      2. Assign tasks to initiative organizer to check in with the “donor” and mark complete when the items are dropped off.
  1. Use your ChMS to identify those who may be feeling a bit disconnected or need some love. Consider a Valentines Card Campaign for widows/widowers or an “I Miss You” Call campaign for Sunday School Classes or Small Groups.
    1. Use Advanced Search or Query in ChMS to design a report targeting those you want to contact.
    2. Use the Group list to encourage small groups to connect with one person each day.
    3. Haven’t implemented Directory online or in MinistryOne? – this is a great time to roll-out a new way for Members to Connect.

Connect with one of our coaches to discuss how to implement your plan! 

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