Do you have a smartphone? If not, you know it’s only a matter of time before you either:

A) take the plunge

B) wait so long that you have no other options

There are a lot of cool things about a smartphone, but one of them that is so appealing to me is the ability to download apps (even better when they are free)! One of the apps that I find most valuable is the YouVersion Bible App.

Remember when I mentioned in a recent post that if we all carried around our Bibles like we do our phones, we might have our priorities better aligned? Well, others had the same idea and created this app to give you your own hand-held, fit-for-your-pocket Bible. It’s awesome because you can set up different plans for yourself such as devotional plans, topical plans, whole Bible plans, and more.

Everything is digital nowadays, so why shouldn’t your Bible be, too?