Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones and in-ear systems that use the 600 MHz band, in the United States, will soon be doing so illegally. In some cases, they will stop working altogether.

Originally, the FCC said we had until 2020 to replace our gear and stop using the equipment. But then, buried in fine print, it said UNLESS the auction winners start using that space, in which case we needed to vacate that space immediately or face fines and criminal sanctions.

Is this really impacting the church?  YES!
Churches across the US are already replacing their equipment because of the new airwave usage as their equipment stopped working or had problems directly related to interfering with new airwave ownership.

What will my microphone do if mobile carriers starts using the space?
So will your microphones really stop working if someone starts using the 600-band in your area? You’ll be subject to either non-stop interference or you’ll be open to the possibility of interference during usage. That renders the microphones completely unreliable. If there’s a possibility of interference you should replace the microphone. Plus, if you’re caught, you’ll be fined and criminally sanctioned.

If you have microphones that use the 600 band, the companies below are willing to cut you a break. Links are to their rebate pages. Just beware the rebates are ending soon so take advantage of them before they run out.

Don’t Wait!
You need to explain this situation to your priest, pastor, elder, or whoever controls the finances as soon as possible so you can buy replacement equipment (outside of the 600 – 699 MHz range).

Here’s a custom letter that you can edit, sign, and give to your church leadership for FREE that will explain the situation in a non-technical way so that they understand the impact and urgency of the matter:
Grab Your FREE Church Wireless Replacement Letter. (Google Doc)

Source: Ministry Tech


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