Will Graham

Did you know that 86% of US churches can’t meet their monthly budget requirements? As we continue with our series on encouraging generous giving in the church, Will Graham, General Manager for The Rocket Company, joins us to share his top tips. Watch and discover the answers to these important questions: what causes headaches for churches when it comes to raising money, what startling statistic do most ministries struggle with and what is your top tip for increased giving. We’ll be posting more information (here on the blog) soon about how Shelby Systems is teaming up with The Rocket Company to help you maximize contributions during the upcoming giving season.

Shelby Systems is committed to helping churches large and small streamline their giving process. We provide the software and the plan that can help your church make the leap to digital giving. To find out how, contact one of our Ministry Consultants today. And don’t forget to ask about our special Digital Giving Package!