No gimmicks, no fluff. Simple and to the point. Here’s why your church should try Shelby’s Arena church management software:

  1. It’s browser-based
  2. It manages membership information, reports, check-in, events, small groups, contributions, volunteers and more
  3. Multi-site and multi-user access
  4. Access to in-depth, intuitive training and dedicated level 2 support
  5. Fully customizable to fit your church
  6. Smartphone and tablet capabilities
  7. Send bulk messages instantly by phone, email or SMS text messaging through Arena
  8. Design and run your entire website from Arena Premium
  9. Allow for online registrations, payments and contributions
  10. Real-time database
  11. Access to the Developer Community where you have access to other developers and developer tools so you can share ideas and technology
  12. Map interface for group locator
To find out more information, contact, call (800) 877-0222 or visit