Today’s guest post comes from Rowella Cooper, VP of Sales for mobileAxept North America, Inc. Rowella’s nineteen years of experience in analyzing financial situations and providing effective negotiations have a pivotal impact on the financial strategies of her clients. Through the years, Rowella has actively been involved as an officer, leader and board member for many organizations and businesses.  When she has the opportunity, Ms. Cooper enjoys playing competitive tennis, sailing, and competing in Shotokan karate.

Making donations and purchases are as easy as sending a text message:

  • Funds are in your bank account in 24 hours
  • Donors can give any amount they wish
  • Real time information on donations, including name, address, cell phone, purpose of gift, and amount
  • Seamless integration with Shelby Systems for ease of consolidated reporting

Have you ever been sitting in church when the collection plate reaches you, only to realize that you don’t have any cash? Have you ever been too embarrassed to throw in only your spare change?

mobileAxept is a service used in the church market to send donations straight from your bank account or credit card, right to your church. All it takes is a simple text message and you can help with your church’s mission trip, or remodeling of the chapel.

mobileAxept makes that a possibility for you, and the increased donations can help your church do all the great deeds that it envisions. We base our relationships with our customers on trust and mutual goals. We want our product to succeed for the betterment of every community that we reach. Tell your church about mobileAxept, and let us help you achieve your community’s goals!

Jim Garvey, Business Administrator at River Valley Church, said this about their decision to implement the service, “Our church is a fully web-based church. A multi-campus video-based church that is broadcast over the internet, has all event registration online and is approaching nearly 60% of giving through our online Arena process. Because of that high online percentage, cash or check use is infrequently available. We needed a method to allow for quick responsive giving decisions. We allowed the use of  handwritten credit card information on our giving envelopes to fill this need. With the mobileAxept concept, we will phase out the handwritten credit card donations.”

5 Ways mobileAxept Can Benefit Your Church:

1.  We have seen that when mobileAxept is used to its full potential, church revenues increase.

2. mobileAxept has fantastic record keeping ability and can track the progress made each and every day while bringing your congregation current and into the 21st Century.

3. mobileAxept will soon have the ability to send messages as well. Using this aspect can spread the word on your church’s events and news right to the congregants’ cell phones.

4. mobileAxept uses keywords that can have donations sent directly to specific causes for which your church is raising funds. You can text “mission 100” to donate $100 directly to the mission trip fundraising account.

5. mobileAxept was inspired by a pastor noticing that church-goers carry cash less frequently than in the past. Think about it; when running out the door to make it to church on time it’s more likely that you might forget your wallet before you forget to grab your cell phone. This trend can be countered with the fact that nearly 91% of Americans have cell phones! Never again will you miss the opportunity to help your church as long as you have your cell with you.

Studies and surveys show that the easier it is to give, the more frequently we do it!

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