Have you ever asked your congregation this question? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Is it because of a paycheck, because it’s routine, because you will be judged if you don’t?

Do you want me to keep asking questions?

It can be pretty interesting to hear people’s honest answers when you ask them why they go to church every week.

“I was raised to always go on Sundays.”

“My wife goes and I don’t want to be the “bad one” that stays home.”

“… I will be fired if I don’t go.”

All good reasons.

Some churches have focused on renovations in order to make themselves more attractive. Many ministries have put in coffee shops, lounging areas, etc. These kinds of changes bring people in, make them feel comfortable, then allow them to hear the message. Other churches rely on different kinds of attendance motivators.

How does your church attract new members?