We all want freedom, independence, and control in our own lives. Many of us feel like the best way to get something done is to do it ourselves.

It can be scary to those without faith to hear a Christian say that God has total power, control, and knowledge of what our futures hold. A God that has the ability to know the future, mind you, in a world where we have free will. A God that is only visible to those who have faith….

As Christians, we know that control, freedom, and independence take on a whole new meaning when we have a relationship with God. There is a new kind of peace that we feel and we see His good work because we know Him. There is also so much contentment that comes with knowing that God is in control.

It sounds a little contradictory, right? I would think that if you haven’t yet come to know Christ, this would definitely be confusing.

Is it ever hard for you to accept that God is in complete control?