If you are reading this, you have a digital footprint.  A digital footprint is basically a trail of everything you have done on the internet. This footprint creates an image of who we are as individuals. For churches and organizations, it creates an impression of the value and belief systems espoused. Shelby offers tools – ShelbyNext Websites and Mobile – to assist churches and organizations with shaping the types of impressions they leave. Here are a few things to review to ensure you are leaving the right footprint in the digital world:
•  Is your website dated? When was the last time you updated your look and verified the
      information on your site was current?
  •  Is your website easy to read and navigate?
  •  Is your website mobile friendly?
  •  Is your site integrated with social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.?
  •  Do you have a mobile app?
  •  Are you able to archive sermons or provide live streaming of your services?

If you answered no or were unsure about any of these questions, let us help, perhaps we can assist you in shaping a more prominent footprint. 
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