There are not enough words to explain how truly amazing it is to look back and see how Shelby Systems has grown in the last 35 years.

With the early, uncommon use of computers, the internet not having been invented yet, and the nonexistence of church software altogether, Shelby Systems was started with an idea all its own.

Frank Canady (President and CEO) started working at Shelby at the ripe old age of 17, when he was asked by founder Ernie Hamilton to be his software developer. Since 1976, Frank has worked hard to build Shelby to a 100+ employee company that serves about 9,000 churches and non-profits in more than 40 countries.

The goal of Shelby Systems has been to advance and support churches and non-profit organizations so that we can provide smart and innovative software to help them thrive.

We are so honored to have the clients that we have, and if you haven’t tried Shelby’s software yet, we hope you will check us out!