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The church dynamic is constantly changing.  There was a time when you would never see a cell phone out during worship service.  Can you remember the embarrassment seen on the face of the member whose cell phone went off during service at the start of altar call?  Today, members bring their cell phones in place of a bible.  It is a lot easier to find the book, chapter and exact verse you are looking for with that handy little app.  What if the cell phone could replace your checkbook?  mobileAxept makes this a possibility by allowing members to process donations of any amount via text messages.  Below are some examples of how mobileAxept can benefit your church.



Ways mobileAxept Benefits Your Church:

–          When mobileAxept is used to its full potential, churches experience an increase in revenue.

–          mobileAxept’s record keeping ability allows you to easily capture donor information – name, address, cell phone, amount and purpose.

–          mobileAxept is integrated with Shelby v5 and Arena making importing gifts virtually painless.

–          mobileAxept uses keywords that are associated with specific purposes in Contributions. You can text “mission 100” to donate $100 directly to the mission trip fundraising account.

–          mobileAxept was inspired by a pastor who noticed that church-goers carry cash less frequently than in the past. Think about it; when running out the door to make it to church on time it’s more likely that you might forget your wallet before you forget to grab your cell phone. Consider this, based on the Pew Internet Project research, 90% of all American adults have a cell phone and 81% of cell phone owners use their cell phone to send or receive text messages.

–          mobileAxept makes giving easy and convenient.  Members can give whenever, wherever and how much they choose.


Never again will you miss the opportunity to help your church as long as you have your cell with you. Studies and surveys show that the easier it is to give, the more frequently we do it!



New Pricing for the life of the client

One Time Set-Up Fee: $100 for all new clients

Monthly Maintenance Fee:  $50 / month for all new clients

Transaction Fees: 2.75% + $0.25 / per transaction