Retired Marine Captain, Actor and Pastor, KEN BEVEL, will be delivering the keynote address this summer at ISC 2018 in Memphis, TN.

ISC is an amazing opportunity to learn from industry experts, network with ministry leaders from around the world and worship through music and the spoken word. We encourage you to join us for ISC 2018 in person and experience all that the conference has to offer. But for those who can’t make it this year, for the first time ever, there is a way for you to join us and be inspired by Ken Bevel’s keynote address.

Make sure you subscribe to Shelby’s Facebook Page so that you will be notified when we broadcast Ken Bevel’s keynote address through Facbook Live. If you miss the live broadcast (on June 6th at 8:50 am CST), you can always play it later from our Facebook page.


Don’t miss an exciting morning of Inspiration and Learning with Ken Bevel on June 6th (during the Wednesday morning assembly). Make sure that you stop by and visit with Ken after the speech for additional insights and motivation..

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